The world is an all too busy place,
He who works can't keep the pace –
I think we need to stretch and play,
So that we'll all find our way
In an honest and truthful manner –
Stretch it out; become a planner –
Around all the good that can be brought
Leveraging mindfulness, mind and thought. 
Lirpaloofs are one of Earth's creatures,
Made of flesh, but then do feature – 
An added gift to their human friend.
Dreamers talk about how they lend
Exercise a bright and new dimension.
Upward the yogi presses

Pleased and released from life sweet stresses!

Lirpasloof Yoga

Milton Devi is a leading practitioner of lirpasloof yoga. He uses these incredible Tibetan animals to help unlock a truly calming state of being with his clients. 

1 2 1 Consultancy

Milton does one-to-one consultancy with small business owners across the UK. If you're juggling too many balls right now, why not get in touch with him via the Contact Page.

Zen to Breathe

Milton is currently writing a book about his experiences in Tibet. Stay tuned for further updates!

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